Stilled Infant Voices

"These children cry out their praises to the Lord; by their death they have proclaimed what they could not preach with their infant voices."

The quoted sentence above, is the 2nd Antiphon of Morning Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, which we celebrate every 28th of December, in the Octave of Christmas. The background here is the dream that stirred Joseph, to take Mary and Baby Jesus to Egypt away from the dangers imposed by King Herod's plan to pick up all children under the age of two and to kill them. This is told in Holy Scripture, see Matthew 2:16-18.

The text of the 2nd Antiphon is also applicable to the millions of Holy Innocents, infants and fetuses killed during abortions. As every Priest and Deacon will tell you, these, the unborn, who never lived among us, went straight to Heaven to be with the Lord forever. These brothers and sisters whose voices we will never enjoy hearing are proclaiming God's love and caring in a way that they never could have preached or instructed us in their infant voices.

There is a tract on Abortion, in the website of "Catholic Answers" at that lists many of the quotations from the Church Fathers and various Saints who existed between the years 200-400 and up. That was even before the New Testament was put together by St. Jerome, who was commissioned in 382 by the Pope to begin this work, and there is clear indication that they knew about abortion and how wrong it was. So Abortion is not a recent phenomenon, rather, now it is out of control. If we pray deeply for forgiveness, in the Name of Jesus, abortion can be wiped out. Prayer to the Holy Virgin, Mother of God, brought about the conversion of Russia. One day, abortion will be a thing of the past, too. Ask all these children crying out their praises to the Lord, to ask Him for His help in this prayer to convert all people to peace and to righteousness.

Most of all, I pray for women who have agreed to abort their child, that they may find peace in their hearts. There are many suffering people out there whose weakness causes all this pain in their hearts. Let God in, share your grief with Him. Get back into a church community, where you used to pray, repent and cry no more.

There have been more than one trillion abortions since 1980, worldwide. On this feastday of the Holy Innocents, let us pray that stony hearts will convert to the beauty and love of God. Catholics, make some time to visit your Church or Adoration Chapel - prayer before the Blessed Sacrament/Eucharist is the best way to pray for the end to abortion.

Peace and Good!

Fred Schaeffer, SFO
December 28, 2011


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