Received from: Anne Mulqueen, SFO
(referring to the General Constitutions of the SFO)
The Secular Franciscan Order

What official relationship does the SFO have with the Church? Art. 1
Who is to provide pastoral care and spiritual assistance? Art. 1.4
Who may belong to the SFO? Art 2
How is SFO life different from religious? Art 3
What are the governing rules and guidelines? Art. 4, 6, 7
Who has the authority to interpret rules and guidelines for the SFO? Art 5
What "way of life" do Secular Franciscans commit to? Art. 8-16
What responsibilities do Secular Franciscans have toward the Church and the world? Art. 17-27

Life in Fraternity


What is the purpose of fraternity? Art. 28

How is the SFO divided into fraternities? Art. 29

What responsibilities do members have to their fraternities? Art. 30

What kind of leadership is expected of the Minister and Councilors? Art. 31, 32

Is there a particular set of talents and personali1), style that is best suited to the SFO? Art. 33.1

Is there a set standard for the way fraternities should conduct themselves? Art. 33.2

When members have varying needs and interests, should fraternities should fraternities continue to operate as a single unit? Art. 34

Can priests be Secular Franciscans? Art. 35

Can Secular Franciscans commit themselves to private vows? Art. 36


Entrance into the Order and Formation

Who is responsible for formation and entrance into the Order? Art. 37
What is the purpose of and the regulations for the time of initiation? Art. 38
What are the conditions, process, and responsibilities for entrance into the Order? Art. 39
What are the important basics of the time of initial formation? Art. 41, see also Art. 43
What are the individual's and fraternity's responsibilities and the nature of profession? Art. 42
What is the sign of membership in the Order? Art. 43
What are the guidelines for continuing formation? Art. 44
What responsibilities do fraternal brothers and sisters have in promoting vocations to the Order? Art. 45

Organizational Requirements of Fraternity

What are the conditions for establishing a fraternity? Art. 46

Which religious obedience provides pastoral care to a fraternity? Art. 47

What should be done with the goods and records of a fraternity that ceases to exist or is revived? Art. 48

What are the required leadership positions for a fraternity? Art. 49

What are the duties of the Council? Art. 50
What are the duties of the Vice-Minister? Art. 52.1
What are the duties of the Secretary? Art. 52.2
What are the duties of the Formation Director? Art. 52.3
What are the d.uties of the Treasurer? Art. 52.4
What are the duties of the Minister? Art. 51

Participation in the Life of the Fraternity


What provisions for life in fraternity should be made by the fraternity? Art. 53
What should a fraternity do if it owns property? Art. 54
How mayan individual transfer from one fraternity to another? Art. 55
What are the provisions for temporary or permanent withdrawal or removal from the Order? Art. 56-59
Do the Constitutions apply to personal fraternities? Art. 60
What are the provisions for regional fraternities? Art. 61-64
What are the provisions for the national fraternity? Art. 65-68
What are the provisions for the international fraternity? Art. 69-75

Election and Termination of Officers
What regulations govern election of fraternity leaders? Art. 76-80
What are the guidelines for dealing with vacancies, resignations, or dismissal of officers? Art. 81-84

Spiritual and Pastoral Assistance of the SFO

What is the spiritual and pastoral relationship between the First Order, TOR, and the SFO? 85-90 (Note Art. 86.2 and Art. 89.2, 4, 5)
Who is eligible to provide spiritual and pastoral assistance to fraternities? Art. 91

Fraternal and Pastoral Visits

What are the purpose and general guidelines for pastoral and fraternal visits? Art. 92

What are the specifics of the fraternal visit? Art. 94
What are the specifics of the pastoral visit? Art. 95

Franciscan Youth

What is the relationship between the SFO and Franciscan youth? Art. 96


Franciscan Family and Church

What responsibilities do Secular Franciscans have to the larger Franciscan Family and the Church? Art. 98-103